Hotel near Carignan: Hôtel d’Arcins
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Hôtel d'Arcins

    Hotel near Carignan: Hôtel d’Arcins

    Charming hotel located in Latresne. Hotel very close to Carignan.

    à 10 minutes de Bordeaux

    À 10 minutes de Bordeaux

    calme, reposant

    Un cadre calme et reposant

    parking privé

    Parking privé

    wifi gratuit

    Wifi gratuit dans tout l'hôtel

    Hotel just minutes from Carignan

    Latresne is glued to Carignan. The restful surroundings of the place allows you to enjoy a night of rest before returning to your occupations nearby. Latresne is 5 minutes from the main roads of Bordeaux. You are 30 minutes from the airport of Mérignac, 10 minutes from the city center and the station of Bordeaux.

    At the center of all the Bordeaux activity zones

    The Bordeaux conurbation is rich in activity. The proximity of major roads allows optimized journey times. You will be able to go around Carignan, of all the right bank and left bank Bordelaise.

    Carignan a city full of history

    Carignan is both a town and a grape variety. If you want to discover the Bordeaux wineries do not settle for Saint Emilion. Hôtel d’Arcins is a hotel close to Carignan. Latresne is less than 5 minutes from Carignan. You will be close to Carignan.


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